People come together, people of different culture, creed, beliefs, language, color and lifestyle, to form a society. Societies across the world are different. Because of the different people brought together, there are also differences in behavior and practices.One key important thing that a society has a great control over is the upbringing of its people, especially the youths. To be able to control bad behaviors and manners, it does this through an established justice system. The justice system has a set of laid laws and regulations governing our interactions between people in the society. Any behaviors exhibited contrary to the laid laws and regulations are punishable.

Even with the existence of laws governing how we live, people still commit crimes.Those who break the law are influenced by a number of factors.Some of the 6 Common Causes of Crime include;

I. Alcohol and drug abuse

Alcohol and drugs such as cocaine are often addictive. In such a scenario, that one is an addict, one would commit a crime just to find money to buy them. Those who are under the influence of alcohol and or drugs also often commit crimes because they can’t think clearly. As a parent,proper education regarding the use of drugs and alcohol would go a long way in reducing alcohol and drug abuse related crimes. Additionally, there are also other organizations that partake in campaigns against alcohol and drug abuse. Those organizations can be purported through money and items donation. For the addicts, rehabilitation centers are recommended.

II. Racism

It is nauseating that this time and age still racism, discrimination related to color, exists not only in America but across the world. That someone is able to hate and commit crimes against another because of his external appearance is that evil. Proper upbringing would go a long way in instilling in people the idea that we are all of the same flesh and blood, which is what matters.

III. Poverty

All around the world, economic deprivation is a common cause of crime. It has been seen that often our inability to afford the basics of life; food, shelter and clothing always lead to frustrations.This frustration results into a crime committed to be able to afford the basics or materials they need. Our society should be able to inculcate the values of hard work in our people and also help in resources distribution.

IV. Media and environment influence

Movies and shows we often watch on our TVs or over the internet have been shown to influence greatly our behaviors, especially the youths.A violent act often displayed on our entertainment channels make the youths think it is normal or violence is acceptable. If also where one was raised, violence was a common topic, he or she grows to accept it as normal behavior.

V. Perceived injustice from the justice system

Our justice system is not always perfect and there have been cases where people or a person is wrongfully accused of having committed a crime and is imprisoned. Such a person is hardened, and later after his or her release may carry out revenge attacks against those who falsely accused him of a crime.

VI. Absence of love

Various studies have shown that most people who commit crimes are those that feel that their families neglected them. So, they venture outside to find love, and gangs or people who commit crimes often offer that to them. They are able to feel a sense of belonging by rolling with their homies and gang crews through committing crimes.